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Adventureland Theme Park

3738 West Main Street

Adventureland Theme Park has been the place for family fun in the Dothan area for 20 years. Adventureland is home to mini golf, bumper boats, go karts, batting cages, and a large arcade filled with exciting games. From Half Court Hoops to Skee-Ball to the NASCAR arcade game, there is a game here for everyone.



Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Adventureland is a fun place for kids of all ages. I have found employees to be honest, polite, respectful and very safety conscious. I highly recommend it. However, you should be aware that they have gone to a magnetic card system that is very confusing - to me. While it doesn't rip you off, it is just confusing. There has to be a better way. But don't let me stop you because I'm not smart enough to figure it out. I still give them an enthusiastic five stars! Nice people!

Ñeca Velez

Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
I do not have kids, but I love going to arcades. This place didn't have many machines, but I had a great time. It has mini golf (was packed), go kart laps (not sure if open at the time) and the little pool karts. You get your tokens and tickets won on a reusable plastic card which I thought was pretty great.

Jennifer Nors

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
This place was fun but disappointing also. They arcade games no longer dispense tickets or take tokens for play. Everything is used by card which takes away the fun of an arcade. Staff was nice and helpful. My niece wasn't allowed to ride go carts because they were "understaffed". Not sure why they couldn't rotate the small and big carts to accommodate children a little younger.

Robert Wenner

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Gotta share my experience through the eyes of my granddaughter She the one who I wanted to impress, and best I could tell it's like the best for a six yr old who loved it cost was typical for this type of entertainment possibly 25 a kid min.but the track and bumper boats were her favorite


Saturday, April 7, 2018
Took my 3 year old and got the 20$ deal card and a bumper boat ride. Excellent deal for less than 30$ had a few hours of fun. The games are priced fairly, the 120 token deal lasts, we ended up spending the last bit of tokens on the same game just to empty the card before we left. I like that they have a put put golf and go carts, though each time I’ve went it’s been closed due to rain. Will be adding it to “things to do when the kids are good” list! Definitely recommend.

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