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American Village Citizenship Trust

3727 Highway 119


Founded in 1995, the American Village serves the Nation as an educational institution whose mission is to strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-government by engaging and inspiring citizens, leaders and stewards.

Our Goals:

mission: TeachingTeaching Youth America’s Legacy of Liberty

The American Village builds good citizens on the cornerstone of liberty.

The American Village is a nationally-pioneering classroom and American history and civics education center that engages and inspires 35,000-40,000 students annually from Alabama and Southeastern states in experience-based academic programs related to American history, civics and government.

Students “step into history” and discover the power and drama of America’s journey for independence, liberty, and self-government.

The American Village is embarked on a journey to expand the number of students served on-campus to 100,000 each year, drawing school and youth groups from throughout the Nation.

On the cornerstone of liberty, the American Village educates and inspires young people to:

    * Know America’s history — the stories of our country’s legacy of liberty and those in every generation who have secured it
    * Cherish the ideals of liberty — the founding principles on which our Nation, the Constitution, institutions of American self-government, and our civic responsibilities are based
    * Serve our country as good citizens and leaders — all as stewards of liberty

Featuring reconstructed colonial era buildings and costumed historical interpreters, this park commemorates the history of the nation’s beginnings. The 113-acre attraction includes the Washington Hall, patterned after George Washington’s Mount Vernon, a colonial courthouse and the President’s Oval Office. The village is located about 15 miles south of Birmingham in Montevallo


Cheryl King

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
HOLLAND called they are jealous! I can not keep from showing everyone I know the pictures of our trip the The Festival of Tulips. 5 acres of absolute beauty. 100,000 blooming tulips just waiting to lift your spirit and welcome Spring. And we got to bring some home and plant them in our yard. It was an utter delight. If you live in this are missing a true jewel if you miss this experience. We will return every year for this soul lifting wonderful time. Thank you.

Kara Hodges

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017
Great history field trip for the family. The kids really enjoyed joining the Continental Army and the Oval Office replica was cool to see. As a family not in a tour group it would have been nice if there were more informational signage. I would really suggest this for anyone interested in history!

Luisa Reyes

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Given that this colonial era reproduction is out in the middle of nowhere, the main thing they have to offer people is a pleasant experience. Something which they progressively seem opposed to doing. Their Patrick Henry impersonator is incredible, congenial, and flat out stellar. The rest of the staff is rude, mean, and hostile. The noncostumed staff seem to have power trips and take pleasure in insulting people. Mamy folks have had to complain at their ill treatment. I've been going to their Fourth of July celebration almost since it began. But, there seems to be a negative corrolation with the more elegant a locale it becomes, the more hostile they turn on the people. Ironically, the village celebrates American Independence, but the staff acts like Tories. I've been to the actual Liberty Bell, to see Mount Vernon, and visited Colonial Williamsburg. In all of those places my experiences were far pleasanter than at the American Village.

JJ Polri

Monday, June 19, 2017
THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AMERICA!!! This place is a must see, it is absolutely amazing, the role players are amazing, you truly feel like you have stepped back in time, it is a full immersive experience! Such an amazingly fun way to learn and experience history! The tulip festival time is beautiful and anytime is beautiful to go! So glad they are open Saturdays in the summer! If you live nearby or are driving through AL for any reason this is a MUST DO! Pack lunch or eat on the way because they don't serve food here but you can bring picnic lunch, and be sure to check the hours as well because they are not always open on every Saturday, but it is great when they are. Going on Presidents Day was a fantastic experience as well, nothing like getting to eat cupcakes with George Washington!!! The replica architecture is amazing it is really an incredible place to visit! You will want to spend the whole time there if you can and go to as many demonstrations as you can! Our kids LOVED the colonial soldier training! Just so fantastic in every way!

Scott Wade

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Great learning experience for kids.

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