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BeachnRiver Canoe and Kayak Rental

18743 Keller Rd
251- 971-8359

Situated on a canal-like river, just 10 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Shores, Beach'n'River Canoe and Kayak Rental offers on-site launching onto a white, sandy creek tributary only 100 yards leading into the beautiful, mysterious Bon Secour River. Search for the local legendary "ice box" where you can park your boat and cool off with a chilly swim! You will feel like an adventurer, dodging heavy wisteria vines and weaving your way in and around fallen logs, discovering a new land. You may witness turtles scurrying off logs as you approach. Bream and Spotted Bass flee to favorite hiding spots. The sounds of birds fill the air. Huge, contorted live oaks drip with moss adding an eerie air to your float. The brackish water invites dolphins and you may see them play alongside you as you float. Herons, pelicans and several types of ducks share the water and will dive in and around you as you quietly float by. Pre booking is naturally essential.

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