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Burritt on the Mountain

3101 Burritt Drive Southeast

Burritt on the Mountain A Living Museum has been referred to as a "Jewel on the Mountain." Start with Dr. William Henry Burritt's eclectic mansion, add a historic park with restored 19th century houses including barnyard and animals, and finally throw in the artistic side with concerts, plays and exhibits, and you have a delightful mixture of old and new for young and old!

In 1955 Dr. Burritt willed his mansion and surrounding acres of Round-Top Mountain to the city of Huntsville, making it Huntsville's first museum. Since that time, volunteers and community activists have brought original homes from the area to Burritt to be restored and utilized as an educational facility. Our interpreters are always busy demonstrating activities as one would see on a 19th century farm. Blacksmithing, spinning, and cooking over an open hearth are just some of the skills employed in our historic park. In the Burritt Barnyard visitors can get up close and personal with an animal that would have been used for work, wool, or even food for the farmers and their families.

One of many "musical experiences" available at Burritt on the Mountain!Dr. Burritt was a third generation homeopathic physician who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was a man of many interests, including art, music, and everything natural. We have used much of the wooded acreage he left to design wonderful trails, including a nationally known handicap trail. This accessible trail is perfect for wheelchairs, strollers, or for those not as sure-footed as they used to be!

We also think the educational department here at Burritt, would have pleased Dr. Burritt immensely! We have camps, field trips, and festivals, focusing on the many natural wonders of our area. Children can immerse themselves in the world of bugs and their habitats, what it's like to be a 19th century boy or girl, or many other exciting areas of study designed to educate and entertain.


Our mission is to enhance lives and build community through educational, artistic, and recreational experiences while preserving our heritage, land, and historic structures.


Chris Buckley

Friday, July 6, 2018
Wow, is this Huntsville? Went here for one of their City Lights and Stars concerts Friday night. $12 for advance tickets. Beautiful venue for a concert. The view of Huntsville is fantastic during sunset. The tiered lawn nice enabling everyone to have a view of the band. Only complaint is I wish they wouldn't force you to buy their alcohol. It is nice they scheduled food trucks to come up. Will be back.

Ethan Turner

Monday, July 16, 2018
I look at everything as a whole. This place is nice and has some good views of huntsville has a walking trail and 6 or 7 cabins....however it is absolutely not worth price of admission. 2 adults and 2 kids for $36 is a little ridiculous for a self guided tour with not a whole lot to see or do. Most of the staff there was absolutely wonderful and helpful except for one lady she was rude to my kids and wouldn't let the knit or touch her knitting stuff and this was on a children's fun day where they are supposed to be able to interact and do things they did back in the 1800's so it felt to me and my wife like she just thought our kids were too young to care so why bother teaching them. Other than her everyone else was great. But as far as the whole place being worth $36 I see more of a $20 value on this where kids under 10 get in free they shouldn't have to pay for suffering through a boring experience for them.

Brian Cook

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Recently visited Burritt for a wedding. I did not tour the mansion or grounds on this trip but I have done so on previous visits. Grounds are well kept. The mansion and other historical exhibits are well preserved and interesting. The newer lookout platform and the hall are modern beautiful additions but also complement the other historical structures. Of course the greatest attraction at Burritt is the location itself: Monte Sano Mountain! If you are just visiting Huntsville or have lived here your whole life you should visit Burritt.

Lisa Coss

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Place my niece chose to get married at. As wedding coordinator ,found them extremely helpful and professional. The view exceptional, every aspect of the grounds clean and well maintained! Highly recommend.

Rebecca Mann

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Beautiful view of the Huntsville skyline from this museum. Lots of old buildings from the 19th century. The staff works hard to gear the exhibits towards the whole family, making it a great place to take kids.

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