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Children's Museum Of The Shoals

2810 Darby Drive

About us:

The museum allows children the freedom both to play and to experience the joy of learning in a safe, enriched, and stimulating environment. It also offers academic enrichment for the state and national curriculum standards in the fields of science, environmental education, the arts, history, and culture.Exhibits and activities encourage children to imagine, make choices, and create and to experience the world in ways that expand their awareness and promote science and cultural literacy.

The museum contains interactive exhibits for children that focus on the Tennessee Valley, including archaeological digs, nature walks, and music and craft activities. The museum is located at the entrance of Deibert Park, which features a large playground, ponds, bridges and walking paths. A River Runs Through It provides a small-scale model of the Tennessee River for children to explore using various river crafts; educating them about the river, transportation along it and electricity

Mission Statement:

The Children’s Museum of the Shoals delights the child in every visitor in a fun, creative, and enriching “touch-everything” experience where exploration stimulates lifelong curiosity and learning.

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