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Chuck E. Cheese's

500 Old Town Rd

Chuck E. Cheese's features games, rides, prizes, food and entertainment that children of all ages will love.

We also provide great food for the family including delicious pizzas and a garden fresh salad bar. We are a great place to take the kids for everyday fun or for special occasions such as birthdays, play groups and school fundraising events.

We believe that today, more than ever, kids need a safe, wholesome environment in which they can laugh, play and simply enjoy being kids.


Jennifer Jacobs

Saturday, June 30, 2018
We spent 3 hrs there today and had a great time. Staff was amazing and the place was very clean. My daughter had a great time and I actually enjoyed myself as well. Chuck e cheese came out and danced twice with the kids. Oh and the hour play pass is great!

Jessica ann

Sunday, June 10, 2018
This location provided my family with the worst chuck-E cheese experience ever. We waited in line for 15 minutes to order food and tokens. Tried to find a table that was not filthy & literally couldn’t find one! I had to track down a busy employee & she had so much going on I finally just asked her for the rag so I could wipe it down myself. Half of the games here did not work and took our money!! When you try to find an employee to inform, you either can’t find one or they are too busy running around to stop & listen. I took my 3 & 5 year old girls & they were excited for chuck-E to come out. We went over to the dance floor during the appropriate time and when it announced he would come out, he didn’t! Then it announced an employee would come out and throw tickets & the kids would catch them....5 minutes after the announcement all the kids were still just sitting on the dance floor patiently waiting! Someone finally came out and threw about 5 pieces of paper to about 30 kids. That didn’t go well! This location is a joke and if I would have had the patience that night to get my money back I would have but I would have spent an hour trying to find an employee to listen to my concerns of half the machines not working & taking my money. I will not be returning to this location, ever. Oh. & beware of 16-18 year old females “twerking” on the dance floor when your toddler is standing there waiting on Chuck-E to come out. My babies will probably be scared for life after seeing that!

sumeko Mason

Thursday, May 3, 2018
It's a cool place but it's too small for starters. It doesn't have many game options like the one on Hwy280. The lunch buffet is too pricey for just a salad with no side toppings but tomatoes that's already in it and dressings to choose. They had four pizzas to choose from three at a time.The decorations were nice the staff/customer service was great👍

Ynesha Boglin

Saturday, May 19, 2018
The staff is AWESOME!!! Anything that wasn’t right was taken care of very very well. Everyone was very attentive especially our server she was amazing. There was also another young lady who went out of her way to please and I just couldn’t ask for better. All needs were met and beyond.

Elena Saxon

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Kids love it here, and there are plenty of games to keep them entertained, but the pizza prices are outrageous and the payoff of the prizes is lacking - it takes quite a lot of tickets to get anything of much value. Not someplace I would go often, but my 7yo had never been before (we live an hour away from the closest one), so it was fine as a special treat.

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