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Florence Indian Mound Museum

Florence Indian Mound Museum
1028 South Court Street

The Florence Indian Mound, located near the bank of the Tennessee River, is considered to be the largest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley Region.The museum contains Native American artifacts dating back over 10,000 years, arranged in chronological order from Paleo to Historic periods

The rectangular, flat-topped mound measures 42 feet high and 310-by-230 feet, and the summit measures approximately 145 by 94 feet. This mound, “Wawmanona,” was built as early as 500 A.D., predating Columbus by 1,000 years. It is thought to have been a place for ceremonies and other tribal exercises. Ceremonies commemorating the passing of time, promoting peace and solidarity and encouraging trade were probably among them.

Archeologists say that it is an example of successful preservation. An educational museum, located at the base of the mound, houses authentic artifacts dating back thousands of years.

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