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MC Horsemanship

736 Lee Country Rd 58

The most important thing to remember while visiting MC Horsemanship is to HAVE FUN! Like riding, good energy is a gift you give to yourself. Allow the qualities of your rides to heighten the experiences of discovery, depth, and delight that enrich your precious time spent with horses. We think you will find that good energy and riding will nurture one another, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit in the process. Good Energy makes a Good Horse at MC Horsemanship!



Thursday, June 4, 2015
Most amazing horse trainers I have ever met. The horses are very well behaved and the atmosphere is extremely pleasant. There is positive energy all around and the lessons are great for all ages. They also teach you how to care for the horses, which is unique and helps you build even more trust and confidence while riding. What makes it even better is you can be completely yourself and just enjoy being outdoors.

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