Old Cahawba

9518 Cahaba Road

Cahawba was once Alabama's state capital (1820-1826) and a thriving antebellum river town. It became a ghost town shortly after the Civil War. Today it is an important archaeological site and a place of picturesque ruins.Nature has reclaimed much of Old Cahawba, but historians and archaeologists from the Alabama Historical Commission are working hard to uncover Cahawba's historic past and to create a full time interpretive park.

Old Cahawba is an out-of-the-way ruin, but its historical significance makes the distance worth the trip. The ruins are an important archaeological site where visitors can roam the abandoned streets, view moss-covered ruins and visit with archaeologists.


Scott Stafford

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

Great place to experience history and see actual archaeology at work. I do wish that they let people access more of the structures. I also think they should consistently use the original spelling of "Cahaba" instead of "Cahawba". Other than those minor things, The State should reuse land in the vicinity of this ghost town, to establish a campground along the Alabama or Cahaba River, similar to Fort Toulouse at Wetumpka, Alabama.

Carol Froberg

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

I had the most intriguing experience on the Cahawba Tour. It was cold, but I love to hunt and I brave the cold for that and I'm so glad I braved the cold for the tour. The camera man even let me hold and operate his camera. That was a very pleasant experience. I can't pick a favorite part of the tour. I enjoyed each phase of the entire tour. I had chili and hot chocolate before the tour began. Delicious. The souvenir shop was a welcome and pleasant surprise. They have a lot of great stuff AND the prices were very reasonable. Usually I can't go shopping in a souvenir shop due to outrageous prices, but at Old Cahawba I really wracked up. I loved every minute I was there. The tour guides and the M C were all serious and funny at the same time. They all make you feel special. They are very personable. I spoke with Mr. Trotter of whom I had read an article about he and his wife's restored home. He shared with me some of their experiences at their home and it is beyond interesting! I could go on and on. I'll always remember "Gat" and "Millie". And many other tales we were told about. The restoration is amazing. I hope if anyone gets a chance to go on the next tour that you will go. Belive me! Its more than you can even dream about. Thanks to everyone that gave me such a great night! Including the "tour wagon" driver.

Duke Beasley

Friday, Oct. 7, 2016

First capital of the state of Alabama. Beautiful place, with some interesting features. Needs more for younger patrons. A museum would be good, and more visualizations.

Alex Sol

Friday, Nov. 18, 2016

Great place to visit. We were expecting to see more buildings though.

Kathy Moore

Monday, July 31, 2017

Interesting history, good for biking.