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Old St. Stephens Historical Park

Old St. Stephens Historical Park
Old Saint Stephens Road

Old St. Stephens Historical Park is home to one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Alabama. St. Stephens is now a ghost town. There are many recreational activities available for visitors, including fishing, RV camping, primitive camping, biking, birdwatching, sightseeing, picnicking, and hiking. A 100-acre quarry lake provides visitors with a fine place to swim, fish, boat, and relax. Take a hike through the woods to view the town ruins, or cool off on the sugar-white beach on an aquamarine lake. There is a boat ramp available to those who want to fish, or who just want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the water. Bird watchers will want to make sure they bring their binoculars and cameras, Horseback riding is now available.

The forests are graced with great scenic beauty. In spring, blossoms of the redbuds and dogwoods provide bright splashes of color against the pale green of the young leaves, and the air is fragrant with the perfume of honeysuckle blossoms. Throughout the year you can hear the calls of many native and migratory birds. Birds of prey and butterflies are also frequent visitors.

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