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Rosa Parks Library And Museum

252 Montgomery Street

About the Museum:
The Rosa Parks Library and Museum serves as an historical milestone to those who strive to understand the event that began the famous bus boycott. Where visitors used to stand and find only an historical marker and an abandoned building, they now will find a state-of-the-art interactive museum. They are able to see and hear about the past to help them better understand their own futures.

The Museum is a major landmark in the revitalization of downtown Montgomery constructed on the site of the old Empire Theatre where Mrs. Parks made her courageous and historic stand in 1955. The interpretive museum occupies the first floor and 7,000 square feet of a three-story, 55,000 square foot building that also contains the TROY-Montgomery Campus Library. It includes space for permanent and special exhibits as well as a 103-seat, 2200 square foot multimedia auditorium. In a non-violent and non-threatening manner, six distinct and unique areas inside the museum tell the story of bravery and courage of early civil rights soldiers.

Artifacts include a restored 1955 station wagon (see in the second picture, above), a replica of the public bus on which Mrs. Parks was sitting that day (seen above), and original historical documents of that era loaned by the City of Montgomery.


The Rutland Family

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
I wasn't sure what to expect since Mrs. Park's story and history is so familiar to me, however, this museum takes it to an entirely new level! If you haven't been, this should be a MUST during your visit to Montgomery. There are two parts to this museum. The first is a simulated bus ride with all of the bells, whistles and video footage...literally! The second part is one history buffs will greatly appreciate because it contains all of the actual documentation (arrest records, bus boycott memorabilia, surveillance documents, etc.) as well as video footage during or about the time period. There was something there to engage every member of our family. Don't forget to see the art museum (third part, I guess!) that is a separate part of the museum but has some awesome works of art that have been inspired by Mrs. Park's history.

Aarti Patel

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Visited the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University. A powerful guide through the beginning of the freedom riders movement that shaped Civil Rights activism nationwide, specifically paying homage to the wonderful, most glorious, Rosa Parks. The struggle of equality then and now still remains but seeing a bit of history is astonishing. The museum stand besides the area that Rosa was arrested I recommend everyone going to this museum if they can, along with all the other landmarks and museums in the Montgomery area. We all need to remember the cruelities of this country so we can move on and begin the healing process..

Jennifer Gulledge

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Great museum & the bus simulator was a huge plus. This place is a must see if you enjoy history! There's a good bit to read & look at so going through it a second time to make sure you didn't miss anything isn't a bad idea. Hope to go again in the future!!!

Whatsis Incognito

Friday, July 27, 2018
Must see … this is a such an important event in modern American history, that one needs to visit if they're in the area. It is a shame that it is so small. The admission fee is out of proportion with the experience. This should be larger and more extensive. But, what little they have in the permanent display is done VERY well. The welcome presentation is below average, and will depend a lot on the knowledge and skill of the presenter. Kids likely will get bored quickly, but there is enough here to keep the interest of any adult, and you may come away moved.

Vincent Paul

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
This is a fantastic place to visit. It is a fantastic representative of the woman that is a huge part of our history. I really think anybody would enjoy this Museum.

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