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Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center

208 South Houston Street


The Scottsboro Jackson  Heritage Center, opened in 1985, is both a historical and a cultural museum dedicated to representing the rich history, customs, traditions and art of Jackson County. The museum is composed of three separate exhibit areas: The ante-bellum "Brown-Proctor House," the pioneer village named "Sagetown," and the "Little Courthouse." A complete tour begins by taking visitors back in time over 12,000 years to the period when Native Americans first entered Jackson County. Visitors are able to view artifacts from this period. Visitors learn the technological and cultural advances that brought the Native Americans from the Paelo and Archaic periods through the Woodland period and finally to the Mississippian Period. Visitors then learn about various tribes that were in the area when the first explorers arrived and, later, when the first settlers arrived.

Genealogical Research:

The Heritage Center is the proud home of Jackson County's early public records. Dating as far back as 1820, The Heritage Center possesses records such as Orphan's Court, Chattel Mortgages, Commissioner's Court, Chancery Court and Circuit Court. In addition, the Heritage Center possesses many medical and store ledgers dating from the 1830's to the 1890's. We also house in our library a number of area histories and family histories which we share with researchers. Research may be conducted during regular museum hours.

Traveling Exhibitions and Art:

In addition to tours and genealogical research, the Heritage Center exhibits various art expositions and traveling exhibits. The Heritage center also hosts various festivals throughout the year. Visitors wishing to learn which exhibits are on display or when events are scheduled should call the museum.

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