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Fort Rucker - United States Army Aviation Museum

6000 Novosel Street

About the Army Aviation Museum:

The U.S. Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Approximately 50 beautifully restored, historic and one-of-a-kind aircraft, are proudly displayed both inside the Museum's 70,000 square feet of exhibit space and outside on the Museum's grounds. The collection includes many significant examples of early research efforts and developments in rotary wing technology and the evolution of the helicopter. Our public galleries represent the Army's involvement in military aviation from the beginning days with the Wright brothers and the early combat aircraft of World War I, up to the highly technological machines such as the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk flown by Army Aviators today.

The Museum also tells the human side of Army Aviation and features memorabilia and photo essays that capture the human spirit of our proud heritage.


Freddie Clark

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Great place to see the evolution of Army Aviation from the beginnings in the Korean conflict until present day. Free admission, Family oriented and several actual aircraft you can walk inside. Beautiful place that was built on what was a parking lot when I arrived for flight school on 1984.

Cicada Musselman

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018
This place is amazing! My boyfriend had such a great time here. They have the most extensive collection of Army Aviation vehicles. From the original planes that they acquired from the Wright brothers A reproduction to Chinook's Huey's Comanches. They have really detailed dioramas with models in military gear. This is just a fantastically detailed Museum. And it's free! Just beware you do have to get a visitor's pass to enter Fort Rucker. This requires pulling over at the visitor pass entrance for a pass and getting a background check in order to enter the fort.


Sunday, March 18, 2018
Nice place! We were there for graduation so we didn't spend a lot of time actually visiting the museum, but it was a very beautiful place. Neat planes to see and even one you could get in! It's free to visit, so give it a try!

Žarko Malešević

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Great collection of vintage planes as well as modern helicopters. Pilot models are made with great care and respect. Chinook and black hawk are probably the most impresive pieces. Museum is located inside the army base so you have to have a personal document to enter it.

Brentt Moore

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
The museum features all kinds of different aircrafts, military records, uniforms, books, and more. There are plenty of different things to look at and read. Unfortunately, there were no guides or employees along the way that could provide additional insight into each gallery, but I would recommend a visit here if given the opportunity. Plenty of space for exploring.

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