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Dothan - Water World Water Park

401 Recreation Road

Water World Water Park is located within Westgate Park in between the softball complex and Westgate Recreation Center. It features a giant wavepool, triple flume slide, great white slide, kiddie pool, picnic are with grills, and pavilion rental with grills for large groups.  


Landon Driggers

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Very good, the wave pool is a great place for swimming, it is also very large, the Great White is a great ride and the slides have no wait and (used to be) smooth. The employees are nice and will surely call out runners (employees that force obedience of rules are the best employees). There is food, changing rooms, showers for when you get out of the pool and decide to wash off the chlorine, and lockers to ensure your belongings are not stolen.

Jessica Lewis

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
While Water World is a great place for those who play PokemonGo (It's a pokemon gym, and has a lot to catch), when they are open for business it's a lot of family fun! While it may be pricey, sometimes you'll find the local schools will sell Spirit Cards or books of coupons with certain discounts for Water World. My daughter had a blast when I took her! We only stayed for about 2 hours because it began to thunder and they made everyone get out of the water and shut down the slides. Safety is a big priority to them and I commend them for it! I love watching the smiles on kid's faces. This is a great place to visit when the weather is hot and you're looking for a cool down!

Jessica Miller

Thursday, April 5, 2018
So much fun. Season passes are the way to go. Incredible value.

Jessica Farmer-Hollerman

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
We had our 8 year old little girl's birthday party here back in May of 2017. We all had a wonderful time. We were well taken care of by the staff here and provided excellent service with big smiles! When arriving, we were well informed on how the party would unfold and guided to our party table which was decorated very nice with a personalized balloon tied to the end with our daughter's name on it. We were able to set the time for the cutting of the cake and ice cream and when that time arrived, a staff member announced over the intercom for all guests attending our party to please come to eating area for birthday cake which cut out "us parents" having to run all over the park and round up 9 little girls and boys. They did the clean up afterwards and even provided a cart to be able to load up with all gifts, accessories, and etc. To wheel to our vehicle to unload. We had a great time and highly recommend any type of big group parties here or just hanging out for the day by the pool.

Danielle Charping

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017
It's pretty decent. The price is steep just for 3 different types of attraction +kiddie pool. Considering there aren't many Waterparks in the area I guess it's worth it. The kids enjoyed their time. They have grills and and picnic tables and you can bring your own food to grill and eat. Coolers are allowed My 4 and 8 year old had a good time.

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